What's the Cost?

What we don’t charge

We do not have any hidden charges e.g. cost for each re-draft 
We do not take a percentage of your sales – every cent of a sale is yours.
Neither do we take a fee for art work, unless asked to engage a commercial artist.
There is no delivery charge for books delivered within Ireland.

What we do charge
The cost of printing a book depends mainly on the number of pages in a book and number of books ordered – this cost is negotiated by us with a recognised printing house.

In view of developments in digital printing, it has become possible to negotiate a run of 300 copies while maintaining financial viability of your publication. The average cost of 300 copies is €600.

In addition to the printer's cost, we require a fee of €250 per month for a maximum of four months. That is to say, we charge a flat fee of €1,000 for our services. 

Therefore, the total average cost of 300 books is €1600, resulting in a per book cost of just over €5 for a high quality publication, professionally published.